Are You Ready For An Authentic Hand Hammered wok?

In researching authentic hand hammered woks, I came across this article which, I thought, presented some information of value.

A authentic hand hammered woks functions differently than a fry pan for many reasons. The short answer is that a wok is better for Chinese stir fry. Stir fry is a bit of a confusing term anyway, because Chinese wok cooking involves 8 major techniques, and most people refer only 1 or 2 of the techniques as stir fry.

“The term stir-fry was introduced into the English language by Buwei Yang Chao, in her book How to Cook and Eat in Chinese, to describe the chǎo technique”

Season Your Wok the Easy Way

Why use a wok?

Anyway, back to your wok. The curvature of a wok allows you to easier toss foods. If you ever toss foods, then you will find it is much easily to toss and move food in a wok than most other cookware. Remember. Much of the wok surface is not for cooking. It is for maneuvering the food.

The curvature of a wok also allows two other things. First, the heat is concentrated at the bottom. This allows very high heat cooking for short duration as you toss the foods in the wok. The foods will be moving in and out of this very high zone. Second, the cooking oil concentrates at the bottom. This means you can use very small amount of oil to stir fry a relatively larger amount of food.

Finally, it is also a very useful tool for deep fry too. Let’s say for some reasons you want to deep fry just a few pieces of chicken. Ordinarily, you will have to use a lot of oil to fill up a sauce pan to do this, but with a wok, you can use much smaller amount of oil to fry a pieces of chicken.

At the end, it is about how you use your wok. You can use it in a way that no cast iron pan can do what a wok does. Or you can use it in a way that any cast iron pan can do the same thing. It has a lot to do how use your wok.

By far, I think the easiest demonstration is fried rice. You can never make fried rice the same way in a cast iron pan vs a wok.

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