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If you want to know where to buy French carbon steel cookware, look no further!  The best carbon steel pans are non-stick workhorses known for versatility and producing successful dishes.  Carbon or “black” steel cookware is a great option for any home cook or experienced chef.  International chefs and European kitchens have been using French carbon steel cookware for ages. When you cook with carbon steel you will feel more connected to your food.

Who makes the best French carbon steel cookware?

The leading producers of U.S. and French carbon steel cookware are:

Carbon steel fry pans are different from other fry pans based on weight, appearance, versatile cooking options and clean up.

French carbon steel cookware


Carbon steel skillets are noticeably lighter in weight compared to cast iron skillets.  This difference is due to the amount of material needed to make the skillet durable. Carbon steel fry pans are thinner making them lighter and much easier to handle.  Your wrists and arms will thank you while flipping an omelette or searing a skirt steak.


Carbon steel fry pans are sleek and classic looking cookware.  When you buy a brand new carbon steel pan, you’ll notice that it’s shiny.  Hold off on whipping up your favorite fish dish because it needs seasoning.  Don’t worry, seasoning carbon steel skillets is an easy process.  The idea is to bond oil to the skillet using heat.  As the carbon steel skillet becomes more seasoned over time, it turns a darker color signaling to the chef it’s perfect for nonstick cooking.  Their superior function keeping delicate foods from sticking is a must-have for any food lover!


Compared to other skillets commonly found in kitchens, carbon-steel skillets are made of a versatile material that responds differently than other pans.  Carbon steel skillets heat up evenly in half the time because they are thinner and can withstand high temperatures. There are a variety of thicknesses for carbon steel pans ranging from 2mm to 4mm. More importantly, these skillets are much safer than Teflon pans that are known to emit toxic fumes at medium to high heat levels.

Versatile Cooking Options

Chefs and home cooks value the variety of options when cooking with carbon steel pans. These pans are versatile allowing the home chef to roast, broil, braise, sauté, sear, cook eggs and bake. They can be used on a range top as well as transferred to a hot oven to finish cooking. If you have an induction oven, they are perfect as induction ready pans.  Carbon steel pans are clearly more versatile and safer than traditional nonstick cookware. Replace all your nonstick cookware with carbon steel cookware.

Clean Up

Carbon steel pan clean up is a breeze!  Simply hand wash with hot water and a sponge followed by drying the pan thoroughly.  Avoid using soap and harsh scouring pads. After it’s completely dry, apply a thin layer of cooking oil to keep the pan well seasoned to maintain its slippery surface. If needed, you can use a little salt to clean the pan if any food refuses to wash away with water. Cooking oil will also prevent the pan from rusting.

Make space for new carbon steel skillets in your home kitchen. They are worth owning for years to come!

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